How You Can Take Action

Team showing unity

You can take action with any ability, funding, or blessing you currently possess. Share it with others.

Every individual definitely has something to do when it comes to helping Alliance Haitienne with our goals. Here are the most common actions you can take:

  • You can make a financial contribution by donating a certain amount online. We readily accept any amount you can give. It can already impact the life of a less-privileged individual or family.
  • You can opt to share your time, talents and skills, if you do not also have extra resources to give. There are various tasks that need to be done in our organization, involving office works and field works. Depending on what you possess, you can help through volunteering.
  • Corporations and organizations are invited to become sponsors for our projects.

Know which of these actions is applicable to your situation. If you have questions about how you can provide assistance to our projects, please call 754-308-3459.