About Us

Two african american in the office

We believe that we can help end poverty and discrimination if we work hand in hand and keep an open mind to our surroundings.

Founded in 2018, Alliance Haitienne is a non-profit organization that aims to uplift the lives of the members of the society who are struck with adversity and discrimination. We develop, think, and implement projects that will help these individuals in improving themselves, breaking the chains of suffering and working for a brighter future.

Our group, headed by our founder Dr. Gilbert Noe, is composed of volunteers who are committed to making a difference, no matter how small, in the life of individuals we are serving. Together, we work on achieving our goals which are:

  • Reduction of adversity in the communities
  • Provision of opportunities and ways to help people in turning their lives around and take the path towards better lives
  • Delivery of honest and truthful services to help our brethren, the community, and the country

Our Mission
It is the ongoing mission of Alliance Haitienne to create a better community for everybody and help them dream and work for brighter future by minimizing the effects of hardships and detesting any act of discrimination towards people.

Reach out your hand to us and to the people who need you. Donate, volunteer, or become a sponsor. You can give us a call at 754-308-3459 to inquire about our mission further.